Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms Handmade in Phoenixville, PA

Testimonial - Bob & Melita, Royersford, PA

The most positive aspect: There were many-it started with how Dave handled my initial inquires. The other remodeling companies told me I should do this or that to improve my kitchen and I was adamant about not wanting a lot of change. Dave suggested he draw up a plan my way and his way-no pressure. His way was definitely much better and making the change was not as dramatic. I had spent years planning what I wanted - some of my ideas just would not work and Dave took the time to show me why. Some of my ideas were things they did not do but once presented to Dan and Ben they found a way to make them work and the kitchen became uniquely mine. At one point, I questioned the plainness of a pantry and suggested a coffee bar instead-the coffee bar with Dave's help became a focal point to the kitchen and provided the extra storage I was looking for. I was on a budget - Dave understood that - whenever I started looking at higher end cabinets, hardware, tile etc. Dave would firmly point out that it was out of my price range and he and Colleen would help me find something else that worked. Colleen was always there to help with questions, research and the little problems that arose during the planning and ordering process. The team is cohesive and it shows in how smoothly the whole process ran from start to finish. Once the majority of work was complete Dan came over several times to tweak - cabinet inserts and other little things that I felt needed to be changed to make it perfect. He was always willing and cheerful and I could not be more satisfied. My kitchen is my happy place now. I am proud of it and sincerely grateful to the DCD team for making it happen.
Bob & Melita, Royersford, PA