Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms Handmade in Phoenixville, PA


Testimonial - Chris & Adrienne, West Chester, PA

Excellent company to work with. They are amazing and plan and execute the project from beginning to end. Everything (other than appliances) can be viewed and selected in their showroom. Their custom cabinetry is beautiful and amazingly functional. There are spice racks, drawer dividers, lazy susans, not a bit of wasted unusable space. Dave and Natalie have amazing ideas (and incredible patience) when it comes to the planning phase. We embarked on and completed two large projects with them, a master bath and kitchen. Both these projects were innovative designs involving some demolition. Rick and Jack, supervised by Dan, completed our first project and Rick was back for the second as well. Both were completed a few days earlier than originally expected. The wait for initiation of the project may be longer than you might expect and the cost may be more than quoted by other contractors, but the finished product is well worth the wait and expense. The quality of the work and craftsmanship is superb. We had another contractor complete our basement and there is no comparison in the organization and attention to detail that Dilworth's puts into each job. We will never use any other contractor but Dilworth's again. Thank you for my beautiful kitchen and bathroom!!
Chris & Adrienne, West Chester, PA

Testimonial - Mark & Janet, Gilbertsville, PA

Our kitchen looks absolutely FABULOUS and nothing short of AMAZING, we are SOO HAPPY with everything! We told Tim [the installer] that everything turned out exactly (and even better than) what we imagined and planned for, and the overall experience was wonderful, right from the time we started planning with Dave, you [Natalie], Dan, etc...and right through the whole project. I can't believe how fast the six weeks went by....and we saw progress every day, which made it so much fun for us! Tim and the crew were so professional and courteous, and demonstrated their skills and craftsmanship in each stage of the project. The new fireplace mantle came out awesome too (am so glad Dave suggested it), it's a perfect match with the flooring! Our new cabinet that you guys designed from that photo on Pinterest (for over the toilet) looks awesome came out great, it really fills the space well and the bead board on the backing really ties in with our cabinet scheme:-) I am also glad Dave suggested a new pantry to replace the one we had and the door that was there...what a huge improvement with the pull out shelves, not to mention the new look:-) I could go on and on, but I'll stop and spare you at this point..ha ha!
Mark & Janet, Gilbertsville, PA

Testimonial - George & JoAnn, Lansdale, PA

The process and professionalism of everyone you encounter at Dilworth's makes what could be a very stressful time effortless and enjoyable. Each and every person I came into contact with at Dilworth's was top-notch. Everyone truly cares about the product they are making/delivering and the overall satisfaction of the customer. We can't thank you enough!
George & JoAnn, Lansdale, PA

Testimonial - Doug and Joan, Chester Springs, PA

After discussing our master bathroom project with a number of contractors and remodelers...and hearing things like: "no we can't do that" or "we don't do it that way" or "you don't want to do that" we were about to give up. Meeting with Dave and Dan from Dilworth was a different story. From the start, the entire team listened to us, heard what we wanted and figured out ways to make it happen exactly as we had envisioned. We got the design, features and functionality in our bathroom that we never had before. When the project started, Tim and Brian were there every morning on time and with high respect for our home, our privacy and our choices. Each night, they took up the drop cloths, swept the garage workspace out, and left things neatly stored until the next day. I can't say enough about the attention to detail the guys provided...asking us about locations, height preferences, finishes, etc. There was never an "extra charge" for little changes, never a problem with fixing small details, and always a smile and great attitude from everyone involved from Dilworth. So, next time we have a project...guess who we'll call first? I doubt there will be a second choice. Thanks to all for a great job and beautiful bathroom.
Doug and Joan, Chester Springs, PA

Testimonial - Brian, Doylestown, PA

To Whom it May Concern: I'm writing this letter of recommendation because the work that is done by Dilworth's Custom Design needs to be recognized as top notch. I am a home improvement contractor doing work such as kitchens, baths and small additions and I have 5 custom homes that I'm proud of. I have been doing this sort of work for over 30 years. So I think I'm pretty qualified for seeing good work. The work that Dilworth's does is absolutely top notch. Having an expert eye for the details, the craftsmanship is 100% perfect. I'm so impressed with their work I was compelled to write the company.
Brian, Doylestown, PA

Testimonial - George and Colleen, Phoenixville, PA

We had a beautiful main bath remodeled last year by Dilworth's Custom Design. Dave, Dan and the entire team that worked on the project did an excellent job. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and honest about any and all services to be provided. They were on time for all appointments, the estimated time frame for the project was spot on, and the quality of work outstanding and on budget. I called for a minor issue a year later, and they returned my phone call promptly to schedule a time to come out. Dan was there that same week, and issue was fixed, no problem I would highly recommend Dilworth's Custom Design.
George and Colleen, Phoenixville, PA

Testimonial - Curt and Mary, Audubon, PA

We have recommended Dilworth's to a few friends that are thinking about redoing their kitchen...we love our new kitchen and thought you all did a fantastic job on everything. We always get compliments and especially on the cabinets. I love the fact that Dilworth's handled everything, from the leveling of our floor, to every detail in the kitchen to make it look the best it could. Thanks!
Curt and Mary, Audubon, PA

Testimonial - Ruth, King of Prussia, PA

The bathrooms are beautifull!!!! I just love going in and looking at them. Gone is the GOLD. Everything is such quality. Dave and John did an excellent job on the installation. They are the two nicest workmen. A pleasure to have them in the home. It goes without saying that I would recommend your company in a heart beat.
Ruth, King of Prussia, PA

Testimonial - Mark and Lynn, Spring City, PA

The Dilworth's were an exceptional crew. The start to finish and all the in betweens went perfect. They are the most friendly, professional group of guys and gals that we have met in some time. Any questions we had were responded to immediately and they made themselves available at a moments notice. The price was more than fair for all the work they provided to ease my pain of doing it myself. We feel so blessed to have met these wonderful people and have recommended them to many people. Thank you Dilworth's for a job well done.
Mark and Lynn, Spring City, PA

Testimonial - Su and Larry, Blue Bell, PA

Dear Team Dilworth, A long overdue note of appreciation for our new and wonderful Dilworth kitchen and heartfelt thanks to each and every member of your team for their specialized contributions to our project . I know I have stopped by your design center to “gush” about how much we love our kitchen, but recently we logged onto your website to see what was new - and low and behold, there was a completely redesigned site, which now included our own kitchen. Well, we looked through all the photos, ours being the first, and then all the other kitchen designs, and then back to our own kitchen --- and if I do say so myself, we liked OUR kitchen the best ! Not a single regret or a wish that we had done anything differently or had chosen to do anything like we saw in someone else’s kitchen…you nailed it for us. After living for 25 years in a kitchen with builder’s grade “oak-like” cabinets that reeked of 1989 subdivision blandness, you succeeded beyond our original hopes when you were able to create such a customized, elegant, warm and friendly kitchen that doesn’t look like a typical subdivision kitchen any more. After 15 years of my scribbling “what-if-designs” on scraps of napkins and trying to figure out how to make the kitchen work better, each and every nuisance in our original kitchen has been fixed. Refrigerator moved away from the central walk-through from the mudroom? Done. More work space adjacent to the cooktop and sink? Done – and who would have thought that by moving the window and the sink an extra foot to the right we would get the extra room that was so needed in the corner? Thank you Dan – with that one suggestion we got the extra work space AND also our new and unique window over the new apron-front sink, which is one of many beautiful new focal points. But what to do with our peninsula? With limited depth (or width?) in our kitchen to accommodate a kitchen center island, we couldn’t figure out how to keep the peninsula style but make it bigger, better, and MORE INTERESTING and FUN. So Dave was put to the test, and we tweaked the designs together, and then tweaked them some more, and some more. The result? Not only the most unique peninsula around, but also the work areas and landing areas in relationship to the frig, oven, microwave, sink and the dishwasher all work! (It’s like you really know what you are doing.) And thank you again Dave, for getting me that extra “cellphone/mail” landing area off the kitchen. You heard me loud and clear that this had to be included in this renovation and not in Larry’s “five year plan.” My neighbors have all said they wished they had the same thing in their home. They also think the custom doggie gates installed in the kitchen/family room buffet cabinets ought to be patented. Just as wonderful as having a kitchen that finally works, is having one that is beautiful. Our kitchen now has colors, angles, lighting and design features that are simply EXQUISITE. Soooo many decisions to be made. There were so many nights I would dream about kitchens I saw on HOUZZ.COM on my I-pad (seriously, my brain was still on HOUZZ all night long!) and then it was Natalie’s job to bring my dreams to our kitchen. Some selections were easy to make, some were not – and that’s when I would turn to Natalie and just throw up my hands – those porcelain slate-like floor tiles with the 3 different sizes in the variable layout? That was Natalie. Who would have thought the layout of these tiles would be so awesome and would create the perfect complementary base for the hepplewhite cabinets? Natalie. Once the construction actually started, that’s when the installation team of Luke, Josh and Jack arrived. What a great group of guys - they were friendly, helpful , and happy when they showed up each morning, and worked diligently and made great progress each and every day. The end results from the Luke and Josh team speak for themselves. Without the perfectionism in the installation, and the extra special efforts from Josh at the end, all the hard work planning this kitchen would have been for naught. So in closing, I thank you all. I thank the behind-the-scenes cabinet-makers and painters, and the entire team that made our kitchen one that is enjoyed each and every day. Each of your individual contributions really did add to our project and the beautiful and exquisite kitchen we will enjoy for many moons to come. The best part of our project was actually working with each person on the team – each and every one was good at what they were supposed to do, and each and every person was nice, helpful and REALLY LISTENED TO US – and understood what a big deal this kitchen was to us - and made this project fun.
Su and Larry, Blue Bell, PA